Your Skipper

Skipper Jayson Turner has over 45 years of fishing experience making him one of the most experienced Melbourne Fishing Charter operators around Melbourne and will be giving you the best chance to catch that fish of a lifetime!

Jaysons Largest Snapper to be caught aboard Pro Red Fishing Charters in Port Phillip Bay Snapper is an awesome 10.82kg and Westernport Snapper to over 9kg!

And Big Kingfish to over 11kg. The prized Southern Bluefin Tuna at Portland from 8KG to 111KG!

And also Big Gummy Sharks to 25KG and School Sharks and Huge 7 Gill Sharks to 11ft, King George Whiting, Salmon, Squid and a variety of other Fish in and around Melbourne's Bays, also Portland Bluefin Tuna from April to July.

Safety Policy

People under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol before departure will not be allowed to board and deposits will not be returned.

Alcohol Policy

Our Alcohol policy is a max of 2 drinks per person (No glass Allowed). Also, anyone who consumes Drugs or behaves in a threatening matter to others or Crew, Water Police will be called and Charter concluded.

Anyone with a medical condition should inform us before departure etc and we shall not be held liable for any injures or deaths.


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