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Photos from our recent fishing charters

Take a look at our fishing charters brag board. Book a charter with Jayson today and catch that dream Snapper, Mako or Gummie. Our latest charter photos are listed first.
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Big Snapper averaging 5kg to 5.75kg

Snapper Fishing Charters

Great Bag of Snapper to 6kg

Snapper Fishing Charters

10.82kg Snapper caught in Port Phillip Bay

Snapper Fishing Charters

10.82kg BIG SNAPPER Port Phillip Bay

Snapper Fishing Charters

Leons 1 st ever Snapper

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper to 8.7kg

Snapper Fishing Charters

8.7kg Port Phillip Bay

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Snapper Fishing Charters

Lovely Early  4kg Red

Snapper Fishing Charters

6kg plus Snapper early season

Snapper Fishing Charters


Snapper Fishing Charters


Snapper Fishing Charters


Snapper Fishing Charters

Gummy Sharks,7 Gill Sharks, Mako Sharks. Sharks

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We pride ourselves on the being the Best Melbourne Fishing Charter. Melbourne Port Phillip Bay Snapper with Pro Red Fishing Charters Melbourne catching Snapper to 11kg. Yellowtail Kingfish to over 12KG and Gummy Sharks, Makos ,Squid ,King George Whiting, Trevally ,Salmon, Mackerel and the hard fighting Bluefin Tuna. FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED BY LAW AND PURCHASED VIA LINK
Fishing Charters Melbourne , Melbourne Fishing Trips around Port Phillip Bay
Also other Melbourne Fishing Charters include the hard fighting Melbourne

Fishing Charters Melbourne - What is Biting At the moment ?? - Big Snapper to over 9Kg , Gummy Sharks and Calamari Squid Fishing Charter Melbourne Trips Port Phillip Bay or Westernport Bay
5hr Charters - Groups - $130 per person - min 6 - max 8
Individuals @ $150 per person

All Bait, Tackle and berley supplied.

Depart from Launchingway, Carrum, Mornington, St Kilda, Sorrento, Hastings , Stony point, Portland

Bluefin Tuna Charters departing from Portland / Port Fairy

$200 Deposits are required to secure Bookings and Non Refundable.

People under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol before departure will not be allowed to board and deposits will not be returned. Our Alcohol policy is a max of 5 drinks per person - 1 per hour ( No Bottles Allowed )

NOTE !!! Anyone with a Medical condition should inform us before departure etc and we shall not be held Liable for any injurys or Deaths.

Snapper are a schooling fish, they tend to travel in large groups of similar size and age and are extremely tough and able fighters. A highly edible fish and as with any fish, the juvenile snapper has a sweeter and tenderer flesh and is ideal for baking whole, where as the mature snapper is perfect for dissecting the meat sideways into steaks, for frying or baking.

Shark (Gummy/School)

The Gummy Shark is a slender, grey shark with white spots along the body and flat, plate-like teeth for crushing its prey. Gummy shark meat is often marketed as "flake". Their boneless, sweet white fillets have made them particularly popular with anglers. The School Shark is also a regular by-catch when fishing for Gummy Shark.

King George Whiting

The King George Whiting is readily distinguishable from other Australian whitings by its unique pattern of spots, as well as its highly elongate shape. King George whiting are often found in bays and protected waterways over sand and seagrass beds, also venturing out onto deep continental shelf reefs during adulthood. The KGW is also heavily targeted by recreational anglers, who value the whiting for its sporting and eating qualities.

Yellowtail Kingfish

Yellowtail Kingfish are an oceanic surface fish congregating over inshore reefs, around rocky headlands, deep water jetties and channel markers as well as offshore over ocean rocks, offshore reefs and around islands. They appear during the warmer months of summer and autumn.

Bluefin Tuna, Eaten raw and cooked in many ways